Garage Sale Fundraiser

Yes, our Syttende Mai Spring Sale is on! Now comes the fun part – the setting up on Friday, the sale on Saturday and the cleanup after. We have plenty of volunteers, but we can always use more. Here is a schedule we will try to follow:

  • Setup, pricing, planning and maybe a little panicking starting at noon on Friday.
  • Open the doors to lots of eager shoppers at 8am and close the doors at 2pm.

Please feel free, if you would like to help, to be in the fellowship hall for whatever time you can spare either Friday and or Saturday.

One more time: This will be a sale of any item that is clean, maybe kind of new, but definitely gently used. Based on questions from folks planning to donate, we know we will have clothing, kids toys, furniture, household items and whatever. We do need to be careful about accepting electronics, so please ask about those items if you aren’t sure whether to donate anything electronic.

Remember too, if you need help getting your items to the church, call Jessica at the church or Dick Whitaker to make arrangements for pickup. If there is anything you are donating that you would like returned if it doesn’t sell, please let us know, otherwise all unsold items will be given to one of the several charitable organizations in the area.

To celebrate Norwegian Independence Day, we will have coffee, of course, and maybe even some Norwegian eats available. The weather is certain to be nice, but even if it isn’t, you will be inside where it will be warm and where everyone will be friendly! Shop ’til you drop.