Sytennde Mai Spring Sale

It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

The Sytennde Mai Spring sale fundraiser still has a life, but it will have to end soon. We have a few “nice” items still available and we want you to have another chance to check them out. So, after services on June 1st, please take a minute to stop in the library where we will have remaining items on display. There are several “nice” handmade wood shelves and golf clubs that would make good starter sets for a son or daughter just to name of few of the “treasures” to choose from.

And, if you were slow in doing your spring cleaning, maybe we can help you dispose of a few things… We can still accept certain items to add to what we have left in the church library. We can’t/won’t take: electronics,  adult clothes, baskets, books, puzzles, little “stuff” like small glassware or kitchen items. You get the idea: if it is fairly new &/or gently used (function-able/usable) and something you think someone else would love to have, get it to the church before June 1st,  and we will see if we can add to the dollar amount we have already raised to help with our budget deficit.

One more comment; We still have a dining room table and four chairs that are over 100 years old donated by John and Bernice Ratgen. A local antiques person recommended that we don’t ask for less than a $100 for the set even though the table needs some work done on it. If you are a handyperson who likes to fix stuff, this might be something you would like to check out. Or, if you know someone who likes to restore furniture, tell them about it. We plan to hold on to the set until we can get a fair price for it.

A final report on the results of our Sytennde Mai/Spring Sale will be in the church bulletin as soon as we bring the sale to an end as well as a thank you to all who helped make our first? annual sale a success. Until then, Keep Shopping!