Pastor Dick, talk about pain in the … LEG

After an ultrasound, a CT scan, an MRI, and a visit with my doc and an orthopedic surgeon, I think I have the final picture:

Either an injury (possibly a ski fall last March), or arthritic damage, or both caused the formation of a Baker’ Cyst. This was the cause of some low-level achy pain I’ve felt for the last couple of months.  A couple of weeks ago the cyst ruptured, causing extreme pain and swelling in my lower leg and foot. This pain lasted for a couple of days, but has gradually subsided. The MRI also revealed some minor knee damage. Surgery is not called for, but I have been fitted with a high-tech knee brace which will take the pressure off my knee.  Now I can get back to my typical daily moving about (walking, activity, etc.) as my own tolerance allows — which is quite a bit–I’m feeling good.

I am sorry that the knee-brace does not come with a remote. I cannot cause my leg to walk by pushing a button.*

silly walks
*Jessica would like to add: “I am highly disappointment that Pastor Dick’s knee brace doesn’t come with a remote control.  Where’s the fun in that?” face-devil-md

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