The Lenten Journey 2017

Forty Days-Forty Items

Lent is know for a time of giving something up…………………so we hear about people giving up chocolate

giving up swearing                       giving up wine

but what if this Lent we decided as a community to give up some of our things………………..things we like, things that are useful, things we have too much of things we still use and want and donate them to people who, for whatever reason, are in need of some things in their lives that would help make their lives easier or more enjoyable or even just more lovely.

Here’s the challenge

each day of Lent, beginning March 1, remove one item from your closet, your kitchen cupboard, your garage, your shelves you want to give away and put it in a bag or a box. Challenge yourself not to give away old, crummy outdated stuff or kitchen stuff

that is beat up……………but nice stuff, At the end of the forty days on April 18-19 bring your bag or box to the church. Let’s see how much we can gather as a community and then give it all away. (we will chose the donation center in the next few weeks. )

Wednesday Food Gathering

Each Wednesday evening , as we come together for good delicious soup and inspiring worship, we will be gathering food for our local food shelf. Each Wednesday of the Lenten season a specific food will be gathered. Please join in the fun and bring the designated food item. At the end of the Lenten season, hopefully, we have gathered a lot of food ,

Wednesday March 8th-rolled oats

Wednesday March 15th- Canned Tomatoes

Wednesday March 22nd-Canned Black Beans

Wednesday March 29th-Peanut Butter

Wednesday April 5th-unsweetened applesauce

of coarse you are invited to bring these items on Sundays or anytime during the week. Let’s see just how much food we can bring!!!


the woods reflect the season

As we look around creation there are many different and beautiful symbols of this journey of Lent. We invite you these next weeks ahead to journey outdoors and find items in nature that reflect the stark , somber and reflective time that Lent is for us. On Wednesday evenings of Lent please bring the following :

Wednesday March 8th -tree branches………not too big!

Wednesday March 15th-Stones, rocks

Wednesday March 22nd-Nests

Wednesday March 29th-crosses made from nature’s things/drawings/wire

Wednesday April 5th- images of sadness, war, hurt- either from newspapers, magazines, copies of photos from the internet.

These will all come together to be our Lenten journey visual art display.

Kids please participate in this and bring what you find, draw and create

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