Instructions for Youth Sunday Service

The 2nd Sunday of every month is “Youth Sunday”

Acolytes: Please arrive 15 minutes before the service begins to let the Pastor know you are here. Go to the acolyte room to robe up. Please light the candles at least 5 minutes before the service begins. The candles on the Altar need to be lit. If there is a Baptism that day, please light the Baptism candle. The Acolytes sit by Pastor Marggi in the first right pew. If she needs your assistance at Communion or at the Children’s sermon, you can help her.

Ushers: Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the service begins. We’ll need an usher at each side of the entrances to the sanctuary. Ushers hand out bulletins to the congregation members as they arrive. During the offering, the ushers pick up the offering plates from the acolyte at the front of the church. Ushers split to each side of the church to help pass the plate to each pew. If there are 4 ushers, one will go to each side of the pew, the wall & the aisle. This helps for a very easy & quick offering time & is very helpful to the congregation members. Make sure you count how many people are in attendance at the service & write this down on the paper inside the baggy found on the usher stand at the main entrance. After the service is over, please empty the offering plates into the baggy. The loose change and dollars should be counted & written in the appropriate place on the paper. The checks & envelopes do not get counted; just place them in the envelope. This baggy goes in the slot on the door of the main office downstairs.

Readers: The secretary will always e-mail the reading the week before or Cindy will hand you a copy at confirmation class. There is usually only one reading and a responsive Psalm to read. We only have you read at the one assigned service.


NOTE: The above schedule is SET for Ushering, Reading & Acolytes.  IF you CANNOT attend one of these assigned services, it is YOUR DUTY to find a replacement, NOT Cindy’s, NOT a Pastor’s, NOT the Secretary’s. Please let the Secretary or Cindy know of any changes so the bulletin will be updated with the correct names.


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