Special Dates for 2018-19 Sunday School

Special Worship Service Days:

September 30th 3rd Grade Bible presentation (both services)


Sunday School choir sings:

October 14th, December 16th & February 10th Large group (10:30 am)

January 20th & March 31st  Nursery, PreK & Kindergarten Small group (10:30 am)


No Sunday School:

October 21st  MEA

November 25th Thanksgiving

December 23rd & January 30th Christmas

January 27th Council Budget Meeting in Reception Hall

February 178h Presidents Day

April 21st Easter Sunday


The dates below are dedicated to a variety of different Christian activities but are not ‘Bible Lesson’ classes. We invite teachers & parents to come help the Shepherds on our Special Sundays.

December 2nd & 9th Christmas Program practice & preparation

December 15th from 9:00 – 11:30 am Saturday practice for Christmas Program

December 16th 10:30 am Christmas Program

April 7th Camp Sunday

April 14h Project Sunday

April 28th Sundae Sunday Celebration in the Fellowship Hall

1st Communion for 5th Grade Class:

The 5th Grade class will meet for 2 Sundays of Communion classes.  They will a have a Seder Meal on the Wednesday before they take their 1st Communion on Maundy Thursday, April 18th.

March 31st Parents & students meet in the Worship Center to make goblets and bread.

April 7th: Parents & students meet in the Sanctuary during Sunday School class time.

April 17rd 6:00pm: Seder Meal – Students & families are invited to share in the Seder Meal.

April 18th: Maundy Thursday – Students & parents will share their 1st Communion together at the Maundy Thursday service.


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