7th Grade Fundraising

Confirmation Camp – 2019

During the year there will be two main fundraisers to aid everyone on their journey into Confirmation, starting the summer before 8th grade. Each student planning to attend Confirmation needs to begin with the “Kick-Off to Confirmation Camp” which is a week- long camp in early June.

Cinnamon Rolls – Every Sunday in March – 2019

Cinnamon Roll sales start during Lent every year. An order form can be found outside the office, or at the back of the sanctuary during the sales period.  Individual rolls will also be available for purchase during Fellowship time on those 5 Sundays.   Our 7th graders & their families will be scheduled to prepare, bake, and sell the rolls for those 5 Sundays. The working schedule and details will be given to the 7th grade families and youth as the sale dates approach.

7th Grade Soup Supper – Ash Wednesday – March 6th, 2019

Each Wednesday during Lent the youth serve a wide variety of homemade soups donated from our congregation members.

The 7th Grade class (with help from their parents and other church leaders) will prepare, serve & clean up for the  1st of 6 soup supper nights.

Confirmation students will prepare, serve & clean up for the following 5 Soup suppers.


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