WELCA News January 2019

I am always amazed at how fast the days, weeks and months fly by. It has been a month since the Holiday Festival. Even though the History Center didn’t hold the home tour and the weather was so threatening—there was good attendance. If you noticed several new members were helping in the kitchen and fellowship hall. It seems like there was lots of energy and joy in the room. Lots of laughing. Deb Bradt used a new website to inform all women how they could sign up to help. It worked very well. The new menu was very well received. All Lefse was sold and most everyone went home with some holiday baked goods. A big thank you to everyone. The money we raised will be put to good use!

So now the new year is here. Back to the grind stone! The year planning process starts, for the board, in January.
JoAnn Ring has been a much valued, respected and needed member of the board for many years. She has sadly decided it is time for her to resign from the board. We will miss her greatly but wish her well. She will continue as circle leader and quilting leader. Many-many thanks for all her work with WELCA.

So here goes—another year for surprises!! Leah Wichmann Hinz, WELCA President.

Dates to note:

WELCA Board Jan.2 5:30pm Church
Naomi Circle Jan 10 9am Church (Note place) Lois Johnson
Rebekah Jan 17 (note date change) 1:30 pm Deb Wilkinson home
Quilting Jan. 24 9am Church Naomi circle hosting

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