URLC Council Notes January 2019

  1. The following members were approved as council members starting February 2019; Brett Edstrom, Marla Lodermeier, Sonia Stehr & Rene Arendt . They will fill the 3 year terms vacated by Joan Henriksen, Tony Stensland & Roger Rueckert. And the 1 year term of Alex Moreno.
  2. The 2019 budget was approved. Revenue; $299335. Expenditures; $299335. Includes a 2% increase in staff salaries.
  3. It was reported that the operating fund balance as of December 31 increased by $2604 to $15945 during the 2018 church year.
  4. It was reported that efforts are underway to maintain the church web site and address the weekly need for someone to prepare for the use of the video screens in the sanctuary. It will be addressed by the church council with job descriptions and a budget.
  5. It was reported that the remaining debt for project 3R is $146500 as of December 31, 2018. The total construction cost for the project was $412485. Funds received during the 2018 church year for the debt reduction were $84315.

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