UR Youth Sunday School Lessons

May 10, 2020

Brief Description  “Living Stones, Chosen People” 1 PETER 2:2-10

The focus here is on life in Christ, as Peter addresses a community of new believers. He uses two distinct metaphors for how God “raises” us in faith. First, Peter compares new Christians to newborn babies, needing milk in order to grow. Secondly, Peter calls us “living stones” built on Jesus, the “living stone” and foundation of our lives. God will form us into a “spiritual house”—a place of love and life for all—but this can only happen when we let God use us together.

What does this story mean for kids?

Kids may have experienced rejection and may know firsthand how hard that is. But being rejected by peers does not mean one is rejected by God. On the contrary, just as God loves Jesus, the rejected “living stone,” and chose him for important and holy work, so God loves and has chosen us. Over and over this passage reminds kids—and adults—that by God’s doing, we are precious and holy; we are named “God’s own people.”

Activity for Kids

Find rocks outside and wash them or purchase natural ones from a craft store. Put them on newspapers and decorate with tempera paint. Dry completely, draw a cross on each rock with a permanent marker, and use as paperweights to remember that Jesus is our living stone.


 Living Stones Coloring Page.pdf

 Living Stones, Chosen People Lesson Video, Grad…

 Living Stones, Chosen People Lesson Video, PreK…


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