Offering Envelopes and Council Information

Offering Envelopes

The offering envelopes are in and will be available to pick up the week after Christmas. Please call the office (507-732-7303) if you would like to stop by and pick yours up.  Those that are not picked up by the end of the year will be mailed out.

Council Members Needed

We are looking for replacements for three council members whose terms will be completed in January. The term is for three years.  There are monthly Council meetings which have been on the third Monday evenings from 6-7:30 pm though times are negotiated each year with the members. Additionally, each member is assigned as liaison to one of the church committees that have varying meetings times and frequencies. Nominees are placed on the ballot and voted on at the annual meeting.  If you are interested in serving, please contact Pastor Marggi at or Linda Herrick at 507-732-5564.

Nominating Committee Members Needed

We will be looking for 3 members to serve on the Nominating Committee next year. The commitment is primarily November to January with the purpose of finding individuals to run for the council positions.  There is usually no more than one or two short meetings and phone calls / contacts to members to see if they are interested in serving.

Annual Meeting Information

The pandemic has changed the way we worship and conduct business. We will be having and informational pre-meeting on January 24th during which we will answer any questions.  The annual meeting will be held January 31.  Both meetings will be held by Zoom and in the parking lot. There will also be a way to call in by phone.  We know this will be a bit different than the in-person meeting, but we want everyone to be safe. The annual report, an information sheet with explanations of the budget, etc. and ballots will be mailed prior to the January 24th meeting with option of mailing the ballots with a postmark of no later than February 3, 2021.  We have reviewed the constitution and bylaws which do not say that we need to meet in person and the ELCA leadership has provided some flexibility. We will be revising the constitution and bylaws and will be bringing the changes to a vote of the congregation at a later date.  Please contact Linda Herrick at 507-732-5564 if you want more information.

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