Note From Our Youth Director

Dear congregation members of URLC,

I have decided to step down as of August 1st as your youth director here at United Redeemer.  I have been the Youth Director for 11 years, & I have had a lot of thought & prayers to come to this decision.  I believe now that we are pulling out of the very long Covid time frame, the youth here at URLC will need a new younger & excited person with new fresh ideas.  I think in so many churches the youth program may be a little different after the Covid phase.  I believe someone younger, new ideas, & very computer savvy would be so awesome.  I have loved going on all the trips, planning events, fundraisers, Sunday School & Christmas programs, helping with Confirmation, & so many more things to name.  I have loved getting to know all these kids.  The relationships that have been created with the kids & adults have been very special to me.  Everyone has helped me grow in my own faith.  Having fun with my own kids, & now my grandkids in Sunday school has been such a treat!

I will still be your organist/pianist/With One Voice Director.  As I am going on the 32nd year here as your Organist, I have no plans on stopping the music!  Maybe even a little more Accordion will be happening!  I will still be asking the youth to share their musical talents here at URLC.  The music is my inspiration, & all the music here helps my faith become stronger. Thank you for all your support in the last 11 years within my position as the youth director.  We would not have been able to do any of this without all of your support in all the youth programs.  Thank you to the support of Pastor Ike when I began this title, & all the support working with Pastor Marggi. I have truly learned so much!  Throughout July, I will be making sure everything is organized & ready to go for the next Youth Director that comes to URLC.   

Thank You,

Cindy Wilson

Thank You!

We would like to thank our youth director, Cindy Wilson, for all of her hard work and dedication to the Youth of URLC! Cindy has been an important part of these kids lives and this church for so many years and we will certainly miss her as our youth director. We are grateful to be able to keep her as our organist because URLC just would not be the same without her beautiful music! Thank you, Cindy, for everything!

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