Confirmation Information

On Sunday, September 12, 2021, we are kicking off this year’s Confirmation group in a BIG way!  Please plan to attend our Service and stay afterwards for a delicious picnic style meal provided by the Church Council.  Following the picnic, the confirmation students will huddle up with Pastor Marggi and the new Youth and Family Ministry Director, Tammy Bettermann.  During the huddle, we will be announcing the winners of our first annual Kick Off Drawing. All the details of this exciting drawing are below.

Here’s what to know:

There will be a drawing for TWO $25 Visa gift cards. (These can be used almost anywhere.) Additional drawings will be done for other smaller prizes such as DQ and McDonald’s gift cards, or candy.  All participants will receive a treat of their choice (drink, gum, candy, etc.) at our first night of confirmation classes.

There will be multiple opportunities for students to have their name added to the drawing. However, students must attend the church service and confirmation meeting to be eligible for the drawing!

Participants will receive 5 additional entries for attending the church service and will receive 2 additional entries for coming to the picnic after the service.

Immediately following the church service, there will be an iPad available for students to use to earn more entries.  On the iPad they will complete a Google Form to share any or all the following:  *Please note that the information we receive will not be shared with anyone other than Marggi and Tammy. 🙂

  • For 1 additional entry share a favorite memory from this past summer
  • For 2 additional entries share one thing you’d change about church if you were in charge
  • For 2 additional entries share one thing that you are worried/anxious about this school year 
  • For 2 additional entries share 1 goal you have this school year (this could be related to school, sports, church, friends, family, anything you are working to achieve
  • For 3 additional entries share one thing you wish adults- (family, teachers, church staff) knew or could better understand about you

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