COVID-19 Update:

Under the guidance and advice of the COVID-19 task force, we will not be reopening the church at this time. We will continue to cautiously more forward with the options for reopening in the future. As we are all aware, procedures and protocols surrounding COVID-19 change frequently, these situations are and have been very fluid. We will continue to post updates to the URLC website, Facebook, and newsletters. You are always welcome to come to the church for a private communion, to privately worship, or to just chat with Pastor Marggi, Monday-Thursday from 10-3. Please call the church or Marggi to set up this up. As the weather continues to get warmer, we can look into options for resuming our outdoor services as well. We have made it this far and are grateful for all the support you as a congregation and our technology team have provided us. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact the members of our COVID-19 team or Pastor Marggi.