Council Notes From March 2019

Council Updates 

Financial reports were reviewed in detail and the financial status is stable. The 3R debt has been reduced to $110,500 with a matching campaign that will run through the summer. There are several summer activities being planned related to recognition and further fund raising. 

Recent activities such as the choir concert, the Adult/ Teen Challenge service and presentation, and the Mother’s Day brunch were successful. Sunday School and confirmation are done for the school year. The summer service schedule will begin on Memorial Day weekend. 

The Council approved a revised Church Facility rental policy agreement that can be accessed through the church office. 

A revised pet policy was adopted and will be placed in the policy manual. 

The Block Party will be held in September. 

Synod assembly representatives are being sought. 

URLC Council Notes January 2019

  1. The following members were approved as council members starting February 2019; Brett Edstrom, Marla Lodermeier, Sonia Stehr & Rene Arendt . They will fill the 3 year terms vacated by Joan Henriksen, Tony Stensland & Roger Rueckert. And the 1 year term of Alex Moreno.
  2. The 2019 budget was approved. Revenue; $299335. Expenditures; $299335. Includes a 2% increase in staff salaries.
  3. It was reported that the operating fund balance as of December 31 increased by $2604 to $15945 during the 2018 church year.
  4. It was reported that efforts are underway to maintain the church web site and address the weekly need for someone to prepare for the use of the video screens in the sanctuary. It will be addressed by the church council with job descriptions and a budget.
  5. It was reported that the remaining debt for project 3R is $146500 as of December 31, 2018. The total construction cost for the project was $412485. Funds received during the 2018 church year for the debt reduction were $84315.

URLC Council Notes December 17th, 2018

  1. Pastor Marggi reported that she will be on vacation December 28-January 5 and that she has organized another mission trip to Guatemala March 9-March 18.
  2. Pastor Marggi thanked the congregation for their generous support of Good Gifts project. We bought the farm. And reported that she has organized a snowshoe outing for January 20.
  3. Roger Rueckert updated the council on the schedule for printing the annual report.
  4. Ron Gabrielson reported that the staff evaluations are almost completed.
  5. Tony Stensland reported that a quote from the Woodward Electric company for electrical updates required by the church insurance company. The council approved the quote of $4179 for the work to be done in 2019. Funds for this project to come out of the general maintenance budget.
  6. 2019 staff contracts were approved for a 2% increase except the secretary who received an adjustment increase or $1/hour plus an additional 6 PTO days. This was made after her one year of service. Also the With One Voice director per diem was increased to put it in line with the other music directors.
  7. It was reported that the church council nominating committee will be making a recommendation for the annual meeting to fill one 1 year term and three 3year terms. Joan Henriksen, T ony Stensland and Roger Rueckert will end their term after the annual meeting on January 27.
  8. The council reviewed a request by the Southeastern Minnesota Synod to increase the church contribution by $1200. It was decided to leave it at the same amount as last year of $6000.
  9. The 2019 operating budget was approved for a recommendation to the congregation for expenditures of $299334 and revenue for $299334.
  10. The January council meeting was moved to January 14.


The financial status of Project 3R is as follows; The debt as of December 17 is $151700. We received $7673 in November. 64% of the debt for the total $412485 project 3R cost has been retired.
Thank you to everyone for your continued contributions.