Wyoming 2019 – We are on our way!!

We are very excited for our mission trip to Sheridan, WY on July 7th through the 14th.  Please pray for safe travels of our 15 Youth & 12 Chaperones going on this awesome trip.


Sheridan Wilson,  Alivia Berg, Caden Mercer, Gabe Tupper, Brennan Sheda, Katie Keach, Rianne Buck, Savannah Gruhlke, Makenna Bramble, Olivia Seymour, Logan Jasperson, Soren Hellyer, Carter Nachreiner, Kaden Nachreiner, Landen Chandler


Dan & Cindy Wilson, Jim & Deb Berg, Ron & Faye Gabrielson, Laura Drackley, Kelsi Jasperson, Kari Olson, Kaitlynn Buck, Landon Rauen, Kim Chandler

Red Cross Blood Drive

Thursday May 23, 2019
12:00-8:00 pmImage result for red cross blood drive

Volunteers needed to serve refreshments during the Red Cross Blood Drive

Looking for volunteers for 2 hour shifts from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

There will be a sign-up sheet in the back of the sanctuary.  Please consider adding your name and helping to support our community and church.

March is Food Share Month

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March is Food Share Month, and once again we have the opportunity to share from our abundance with the less fortunate. Bins will be available for your donations. Non-perishable food and paper products are preferred. Here are some suggestions for Sundays in March.

3rd – Canned Fruit or Fruit Cups
10th- Canned Vegetables
17th- Sugar – White, Brown or Powdered 24th- Cereal – Hot or Cold
31st – Canned Meat: Spam, Tuna or Salmon

Thank you for your generosity!

Love boldly, Share abundantly, Give generously

Dear Friends,

United Redeemer Lutheran Church is a vibrant community of believers where amazing things happen daily.  Our worship services incorporate music and sacraments, children and puppets, new ideas and old liturgies.  Our beautifully remodeled fellowship areas and kitchen welcome people from our church and beyond for special events and regular gatherings.  God is at the center of this place and its people.

It is only because of you, with all of us working together, that URLC remains open in ministry to care for both those in our membership and our larger community.  It doesn’t happen magically; it takes gifts of all sorts to keep the church going.  This letter is to thank you for all the ways you contribute to URLC.

At URLC, we
Love boldly, Share abundantly, Give generously.

The mission support committee is charged in the bylaws to “conduct an annual stewardship effort emphasizing time, talents, and financial commitments.”  We hope that this letter prompts you to prayerfully consider how you want to offer your commitments for the next year.

Serving & Sharing:
Every program in the church relies on the contributions of volunteers.  Sunday School needs at least 30 adults to serve our 100 plus kids, the “block party” only happened because nearly 70 people helped with serving, setting up, hosting.  Over 300 ushers are required in a year; it takes around 100 people providing food and time to serve funerals throughout the year.

Each person has special talents that can be shared for the glory of God.  We request that you honor the talents God has given you by identifying one new way you could serve this year. Don’t wait for someone to notice and ask you, share your gifts abundantly.

Please complete the Serving and Sharing form and return to the church office or put into the offering plate.  You can see the sorts of needs that that would benefit from your participation.  Extra forms will be available at the church (and here).  We promise we will forward your interests to the folks leading in those areas.

Financial commitments:
The operating budget for URLC is around $280,000 per year.  That does not include the Project 3R debt which remains above $170,000.  Please accept the challenge: increase your giving this year.  Even adding 1%, $5 a month, or an extra one-time gift would help.

Please use the enclosed “Intent of Giving” also referred to as a “Commitment Card” to record your intention for your 2019 giving.  On the card you will notice a few things.  You can indicate whether you prefer to receive offering envelopes.  We will order them only for people who request them.  The most convenient way to give is through electronic giving.  If you already give electronically, thank you.  Your electronic giving is not automatically registered as a pledge. Therefore, it is requested that you complete a commitment card so your planned giving can be reflected in the annual budget numbers.  Please complete the “Commitment Card” to mark your intention and to make any changes.  A signature on the card is all that is needed to authorize the change.

If you want to begin giving electronically, mark that on your pledge card and the office will follow up with you to get you started.  On the commitment card, you can designate how you would like your contribution allocated.

Please return your “Commitment Card” to the church, either to the office or drop it into the confidential box you will find at the back of the sanctuary.

Something fun for this year.  When you return your “Commitment Card” you will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to Bridget’s Café or a $50 gift certificate to Covered Bridge Restaurant.  An anonymous donor wanted to offer an incentive to get those pledges in!  The amount you pledge isn’t important, we just want as many people to commit as possible.  Last year, we received 56 pledges.  This year help us double or triple that number.

Thank you for all the ways you contribute to the life of URLC.  You are generous.  We appreciate you!

Mission Support and Evangelism Committee

Judy Blaksted
Mary Goplen
Joan Henriksen
Linda Herrick
Linda Pahl
Lori Rauen

CLICK HERE for the 2019 “Serving and Sharing Form”

CLICK HERE for the 2019 “Giving Intent Card”

CLICK HERE for the printed version of this letter