5th Annual Summer Food Shelf Drive

Open Your Hearts

Each Sunday we request a specific food/product donation that the food shelf needs. May 31st, kicked off “Boxed Potatoes Sunday”!
Please deposit items (as you are able) into Food Shelf bins at (worship/building) entrances.

The Schedule of Sunday Items:

31st: Boxed Potatoes

7th:  Canned meat (spam, chicken, tuna)
14th: Soup Crackers / Snack Crackers
21st:  Hamburger Helper
28th: Canned Fruit & Veggies

5th:  Pasta & Spaghetti sauce
13th: Toilet Paper
19th: Dish & Laundry Soap
26th: Soup

2nd: Baking Mix (cake, cookies, pancakes, cornbread, etc.)
9th:   Fruit Juice
16th: Canned Chili
23rd: Kleenex / Paper Towels
30th: Cold Cereal

6th: Cooking Oil & Condiments (salad dressing, catsup, mustard, steak sauce, maple syrup, etc.)

March is Food Share Month

One in 10 Minnesotans or more than 500,000 state resident experience food insecurity on a regular basis.  Food insecurity is not knowing where your next meal is coming from.  Food share month is a campaign to make people more aware of the need for healthy food and dollars to buy the food.

Our congregation has extended a challenge to Lands Lutheran Congregation!  Which congregation can gather the most food and the most money during the month of March.

The challenge will begin March 1 and end March 22.  Each pound of food will count as one point and each dollar will count as one point.  Just remember, the food shelf can purchase more food from Channel 1 food bank than we can, with each dollar.

The prize for the winner at the end of the month will be an ICE CREAM SOCIAL hosted by the losing congregation on April 12.

So give as much as you can!  If you want to write a check, make it out to United Redeemer with food shelf in the memo line.  One check will be given at the end.

Let’s do this so we can win and enjoy the victory and the ice cream!!!

The big winners will be the people who depend on the food shelf.

This a project of the Social Ministry team.  If you have questions, contact a member of the team.

Women’s Shelter & Food Shelf Fundraiser Success

Our Sunday, May 4th church fundraiser was a terrific success!  All of the collected items were delivered on Monday, May 5th.  Many items were also given to the Zumbrota Area Food Shelf, including bedding and hygiene items.  Our thanks to ALL who donated including our WELCA Quilting Group, Main Street Trading, and Dr. Christensen & Mary Birmingham of Midwest Dental.

God Bless You All,
URLC Women’s Shelter Committee

2014 Social Ministry Garden

Our thanks again to everyone that is helping with our garden this summer.  You are so very appreciated.  This year we have two new garden boxes, and some of the planting has already started.

Contact the office if you want to help with this project, or feel free to sign up on Pastor Susan’s door to weed &/or water the garden.


Summer Food Shelf Drive

Time for our 4th Annual Summer Food Shelf Drive! Here’s a refresher; each Sunday of the summer we ask folks to bring a specific item for donation (that will go to the food shelf). The food shelf supplied us with a list of high demand foods & products – one item for each Sunday from June 1st   to the last Sunday in August.

June 1st, we kick it off with “Boxed Potatoes Sunday”, please bring  your donation with you to the 8:00 am (outdoor) or 9:30 am (indoor)  service and put it in the special green Food Shelf bin.

The Schedule of Sunday Items:


1st: Boxed Potatoes
 8th: Tuna
15th: Soup Crackers / Snack Crackers
22nd:Hamburger Helper
29th: Canned Fruit

 6th: Canned Veggies
14th: Toilet Paper
20th: Laundry Soap
27th: Soup

 3rd: Pancake Syrup
10th: Fruit Juice
17th: Cake Mix
24th: Kleenex / Paper Towels
31st: Cold Cereal



Baskets of Promise Response

Each Wednesday & Sunday of Lent we asked folks to bring a specific item for donation that will be used to assemble Personal Care Kits that give people around the world tools to stay healthy in life’s most challenging situations.

Our congregational goal was to assemble 20 Lutheran World Relief (LWR) Care Kits during Lent!  After all was counted it turns out that we will be able to provide 28 Care Kits. [each kit consisted of 2 bars of soap, 1 toothbrush, 1 comb & 1 nail clipper wrapped in a towel and tied with yarn]  Thank You’ to everyone who donated for this project.

   Here are the collection totals:

Bars of Soap = 83
Widetooth Combs =59
Bath Towels = 38 Nail Clippers = 28
Toothbrushes = 96

After assembling the kits (special thanks to confirmation student, Alex Moreno for doing this) the remaining items were given to the Zumbrota Area Food Shelf.