No Sunday School – Annual Meeting

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The “Annual Meeting” will be taking place in the reception hall at 9:30am, & we wanted to make sure Teachers & Shepherds would be able to attend this meeting so we have NO Sunday School scheduled this upcoming Sunday, January 27th.   Join us to go over our congregational report for 2018, membership numbers, finance reports, and updates about council & committee accomplishments.

I have also listed the schedule through February below.

Sun. Jan. 27th: NO Sunday School
Sun. Feb. 3rd: 9:30-10:15am Large Group Sunday school with Breakfast Snacks
Sun. Feb. 10th: 9:30-10:15am Classroom Sunday school &
(All the kids SING at the 10:30am service Feb. 10th)
Sun. Feb. 17th: NO Sunday school – Pres. Weekend Break
Sun. Feb. 24th: 9:30-10:15am Classroom Sunday School

Sunday School January 2019

We resume Sunday school on January 6th with a large group class.

Anyone is welcome to come to URLC Sunday school.
Invite a friend to class! We’d love to have them!

January 6th, 13th & 20th Classes begin in the worship center at 9:30-10:15am.

NO Sunday school on Jan. 27th

All teachers / shepherds can then attend the Annual meeting in the reception hall that day at 9:30am.

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One Service Sunday!

Just a calendar reminder that there’s one worship service
on Sunday, November 25th at 9:30am.
And NO Sunday school classes on this long Thanksgiving Day Weekend!
Have a good time with friends & family, travel safely, and remember that all of us at United Redeemer are thankful that you are a part of our lives.

Special Dates for 2018-19 Sunday School

Special Worship Service Days:

September 30th 3rd Grade Bible presentation (both services)


Sunday School choir sings:

October 14th, December 16th & February 10th Large group (10:30 am)

January 20th & March 31st  Nursery, PreK & Kindergarten Small group (10:30 am)


No Sunday School:

October 21st  MEA

November 25th Thanksgiving

December 23rd & January 30th Christmas

January 27th Council Budget Meeting in Reception Hall

February 178h Presidents Day

April 21st Easter Sunday


The dates below are dedicated to a variety of different Christian activities but are not ‘Bible Lesson’ classes. We invite teachers & parents to come help the Shepherds on our Special Sundays.

December 2nd & 9th Christmas Program practice & preparation

December 15th from 9:00 – 11:30 am Saturday practice for Christmas Program

December 16th 10:30 am Christmas Program

April 7th Camp Sunday

April 14h Project Sunday

April 28th Sundae Sunday Celebration in the Fellowship Hall

1st Communion for 5th Grade Class:

The 5th Grade class will meet for 2 Sundays of Communion classes.  They will a have a Seder Meal on the Wednesday before they take their 1st Communion on Maundy Thursday, April 18th.

March 31st Parents & students meet in the Worship Center to make goblets and bread.

April 7th: Parents & students meet in the Sanctuary during Sunday School class time.

April 17rd 6:00pm: Seder Meal – Students & families are invited to share in the Seder Meal.

April 18th: Maundy Thursday – Students & parents will share their 1st Communion together at the Maundy Thursday service.


Sunday School Treat Schedule

The 1st Sunday of each month we will begin Sunday School with a breakfast treat!  This treat will always be provided by the Sunday School funds, we just need each class and shepherds to help serve the treat at the beginning of the Sunday School hour in the Worship Center.  The Shepherds and Youth will help serve the other kids coming to Sunday School that morning.


  New This Year:

We will have a LARGE group class in the Worship Center the 1st Sunday of the month, too!

The schedule for treats is as follows:

October 7th  – 5th & 6th Grade

November 4th – 4th Grade

December 2nd – 3rd Grade

January 6th – 2nd Grade

February 3rd – 1st Grade

March 3rd –  Kindergarten

April 7th – “Camp Sunday” Treats


Sunday School Schedule 2018-19

Class Schedule for 2018-2019 – Bible Stories

September 16:  9:30am class

September 23:  9:30am class

September 30:  9:30am class

October 7:         9:30am Large group class in Worship Center with 5th and 6th grade serving treats

October 14: 9:30am class Sunday School choir sings at 10:30am service

October: 21: MEA break – NO CLASS

October 28: 9:30am class

November 4: 9:30am Large group class in Worship Center with 4th grade serving treats

November 11:  9:30am class

November 18:  9:30am class

November 25   Thanksgiving break

December 2 9:30am Christmas program practice in Worship Center with 3rd grade serving treats

December 9: 9:30am Christmas program practice in Sanctuary

December 16 10:30am Christmas program

(Christmas/New Year break for 2 weeks)

January 6:  9:30am Large group class in Worship Center with 2nd grade serving treats

January 13: 9:30am class

January 20: 9:30am class Nursery through Kindergarten sing at 10:30am service

January 27: No class – Annual Meeting in Fellowship Hall

February 3: 9:30am Large group class in Worship Center with 1st grade serving treats

February 10: 9:30am class Sunday School choir sings at 10:30am service

February 17: NO CLASS-President’s Day weekend break

February 24:   9:30am class

March 3: 9:30am Large group class in Worship Center with Kindergarten serving treats

March 10:  9:30am class

March 17: 9:30am class

March 31: 9:30am class Nursery through Kindergarten sing at 10:30am service

April 7: 9:30am “Camp Sunday” in Worship Center  with 7th grade serving treats

April 14: 9:30am “Project Sunday” in Worship Center

April 22: NO CLASS Happy Easter!

April 28: 9:30am Sunday school celebration – “Sundae Sunday” in the Fellowship Hall