Gift Cards for Sale

We have our order forms for many different gift cards at both entrances to the Sanctuary, & in front of the Main Office. An order will go in on Monday, Dec. 10th. Each retailer you buy a card from gives the URLC Youth back a percentage on the money you spent on the cards! It’s a great fundraiser as it helps you buy Christmas presents, & gives the Youth account some money at the same time. Please drop off your order form at the main office, or with Cindy.

“CBC” Christian Breakfast Club

We feel we are a club of friendly Christians meeting for breakfast with great conversation & prayers to start our school day!
We meet each Wednesday from 7:15-7:50am, please bring a few $ for the food.

 Thanks for a great year of getting together each Wednesday morning for breakfast, conversation, & prayer!
Congrats to all our CBC Graduates, & have a great summer!
We’ll meet again on September 10th.