Trust Fund Grant Application 2020

URLC has been benefactor of generous gifts from several estates and through personal donations.  These gifts are in a trust fund.  Each year the Trust Fund Board is responsible for disbursement of interest earned from these gifts.  Grant applications will be available at church office or on the table outside the office.

The 2020 Trust Fund grant application period was over 3/22/2020. due to our current church closing the application period will continue until further notice. applications will be accepted for this extension of time. If you are in need of an application please contact the church. Applications will be considered as soon as the committee is able to review and meet.

Pastor Dick, talk about pain in the … LEG

After an ultrasound, a CT scan, an MRI, and a visit with my doc and an orthopedic surgeon, I think I have the final picture:

Either an injury (possibly a ski fall last March), or arthritic damage, or both caused the formation of a Baker’ Cyst. This was the cause of some low-level achy pain I’ve felt for the last couple of months.  A couple of weeks ago the cyst ruptured, causing extreme pain and swelling in my lower leg and foot. This pain lasted for a couple of days, but has gradually subsided. The MRI also revealed some minor knee damage. Surgery is not called for, but I have been fitted with a high-tech knee brace which will take the pressure off my knee.  Now I can get back to my typical daily moving about (walking, activity, etc.) as my own tolerance allows — which is quite a bit–I’m feeling good.

I am sorry that the knee-brace does not come with a remote. I cannot cause my leg to walk by pushing a button.*

silly walks
*Jessica would like to add: “I am highly disappointment that Pastor Dick’s knee brace doesn’t come with a remote control.  Where’s the fun in that?” face-devil-md